Bor Women’s’ Association is a non-profit organization incorporated in the state of Iowa with branch offices in several states (USA) and a valid (501) C3 for tax purposes. It was founded in 2007 with the intention to illuminate and draw world’s attention to the problems and hardships facing the masses of southern Sudan and in particular women and children. 

After two consecutive civil wars between the South and the Islamic based regime of the North (NCP), southern Sudan “War Zone” is left in ruins, infrastructure and lives wise. Women and children of the South, especially widows and orphans are the very groups hard hit by the catastrophe, lack of health facilities, for example, women’s and children’s clinics, shortage of food and clean drinking water, ignorance regarding the prevention and treatment of diseases such as (STDs malaria tuberculosis, personal cleanliness and general hygiene. All the mentioned diseases and conditions have resulted in dire consequences; children dying in hundreds every year, of childhood curable diseases and malnutrition, women on the other hand, are losing their precious lives to complications before, during or after birth.   

Southern Sudan has the highest maternity mortality rate in the whole world. This rising death toll among women and children is a living testimony of their suffering. 

Nearly all members of this Association witnessed the horrors, experienced hunger and thirst, endured the fatigue of walking hundreds of miles across borders, overcome the heart break of losing their children and husbands, but they lived it to tell the tale, the very strength and determination that carried them through hurdles of the war is pushing them today to lift up their sisters in Sudan, and to do so they need capacity building through education to enable them to  care for themselves and others, to be productive citizens in their host countries and at the same time have the experience, knowledge and skills to support people in Sudan.  

Education is crucial for development and changing the way people live and interact with other communities, for if people believe women are the foundations of the families which are the base of societies, and then we need to give them the tools to strive and join in the building of these nations. Illiteracy and ignorance are key factors to overall insecurity in Sudan, particularly southern Sudan.  

Empowering women breed strong and healthy communities, that is a fact in advance countries and will for Sudan as well, it’s the ideal tool to suffocate, eradicate backwardness and poverty hence, the birth of civilization and prosperity. 

This organization’s priority is to build a center for women in the town of Bor in southern Sudan as a starting point.  The center will accommodate most if not all women needs, physical, mental and spiritual. Within the complex will be sites for different purposes, among them are classes for adult literacy programs, there will be sites for cooking, sewing, knitting and embroidery, for health women’s clinic or dispensary, counseling facility for war trauma and domestic abuse.  

For a center this complex funds are desired to cover building materials, supplies and equipments to carry out projects and learning activities, and that is why we are appealing to organizations, churches, charities, communities, groups and individuals who have the desire and will to eliminate and put to an end the pain and suffering of women and children of Southern Sudan.

We urge you to come forward, lend a hand in any way possible.  We accept and appreciate any kind of support you can offer, whether be it a donation of any kind or size, a service or want to be an advocate for the cause. Together, we can make a difference, by the care we offer, attention we pay and courtesies we extend we can bring back self-esteem and hope to those women, happiness and smiles to children, who are now desperately waiting on us to turn their lives around for the better. 

Thank you very much for taking time to visit our website, hope you join us in this effort.