Bor women Association is reaching out for organizations, groups and individuals willing to participate in our programs aimed at the betterment of women in all walks of life, people who are determined to change the globe by improving women’s lives; it is unfortunate but an existing reality that women in developing countries are far behind within this rapidly changing word, therefore, empowering and building women capacity is crucial. There is variety of ways on how to get involved in this effort, which includes but not limited to giving, advocating and volunteering. 


By advocating for the cause you can help inspire hope and create opportunities for better tomorrow, you will be the light that shines the path out of poverty for women and children of Sudan. Be the bridge to prosperity and freedom.  Talk about it loud to national and international organizations, groups and individuals. Women problems are universal but we want to highlight and emphasize them globally to all institutions, social, political, private or governmental. Be the messenger, your effort is as valuable to us as the individual who contributes material.


As an organization whose purpose is to educate, guide and support women both in USA and abroad, lots is desired to be accomplished in terms of education and training. We have a variety of opportunities to fit your interests and/or expertise. Among the services are evening classes for English language, keyboarding, tailoring culinary skills, soap making (using local materials), gardening and embroidery. You can even suggest or come up with additional programs in areas deemed important to women. We also welcome and appreciate individuals who want to work with youth and young women, keep them informed on topics of sexual health and adolescence. Our culture (Sudanese or say most Africans) has no room for open discussion between parents and their children on issues related to sexual health. Your voluntary participation/sponsoring of the organization’s social gatherings, annual meetings and fundraising activities are highly regarded. 


Your contribution to this organization create opportunities and deliver good chances for a better life for women and children of southern Sudan, when you give you advance the common good for the vulnerable and the disadvantaged in the world. As human beings, there are basic things we all need, among them are food, shelter, education and good health, here is how you can help.