Membership (rights and regulations)

  The membership of the Association shall be open to all people living anywhere around the globe regardless of age, religion or political affiliation that a potential member wholly subscribes to the purpose and objective of the Association.

A member in the Association shall only be terminating by death, mental incapacitation, expulsion or resignation.

Honorary membership of the Association shall be bestowed on a person on approval of the Executive committee.

A member of the Association shall be the one who has paid prescribed amount registration fee of $20 and the relevant monthly contribution of $5. However, the Executive Committee may use its discretionary powers to stop such monthly contribution for reasons of bereavement, accidents, and illnesses, etc. provided that such an exemption should not exceed four months without an explicit authorization by the General Assembly.

A member shall automatically lose her/his membership privileges for regular non-payment of monthly contribution with the assent of the General Assembly.

A member shall be requested by the General Assembly or the Executive Committee to under take any task or assignment at any time, unless the member is incapable or ill. In that case, she should inform the Executive Committee within 72 hours.

A member shall be abiding by the By-laws, implement the resolution of the General Assembly, directives and decisions of the Executive Committees. She shall protect and preserve the unity of the Association at all times.

A member shall place the interest of the Association above personal interests and protect them from any malicious designs of malevolent people, and shall not make use of financial resources for personal gains unless mandated by the General Assembly.

All members have the right to attend and take part in the meeting; they shall be orderly and channel all communications through the Chairwoman.

All members have the right to vote in a meeting personally, and be abide by the decision of the majority present even if such decisions are contrary to a members views and opinions, she also reserves the right to decline to be elected to any position in the Executive Committee.

A member shall have the right to be issued a membership card upon request.

A member has the right to resign from the membership of the Association provided that such purported resignation is communicated to the Executive within a period of time not exceeding one month.

A member whose character and behavior consistently conflicts with the purpose, objectives, ethics of the Association and the Constitution shall be investigated by the Executive Committee, and if found guilty the committee shall issue the following

  1. A warning
  2. A reprimand
  3. A suspension from the Association for a period not exceeding four months.
  4. A dismissal from the organization.

A member, who feels she has been unfairly disciplined, criticized or in any way unjustly oppressed by the decision of the Executive Committee, shall have the right of appeal to the General Assembly. Provided such an appeal has been made in writing to the Board of Directors, the member shall have the right to be heard by the General Assembly whose decision shall be final, after taking into account all relevant material fact pertaining to the case.