Principal ‘Partners’

Our team has several individuals who have created noteworthy examples of how to invest in good families, healthy and prosperous communities and a positive national future through the life experiences they have cultivated. These people have a broad spectrum of professional careers and civic involvement. Now, through Origins Partnership, that life experience is available for younger social/spiritual/economic/professional entrepreneurs to draw upon and use to advance their own goals of personal betterment, social well being and professional excellence.

You are welcome to propose a project to them, seek mentoring for professional development or inquire about internship opportunities. We also welcome new ‘Principal Partners’ to join the ranks to help empower young people with a vision in their quest.

Meet (some of) the team:

Mark Boitano
Mark Boitano – New Mexico
Henri Schauffler
Henri Schauffler – Maryland


Mark Anderson (and Lucia)
Mark Anderson (and wife Lucia)
John Redmond - New York
John Redmond – New York
David Burgess (and family)
David Burgess (and family)

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