Our mission & our plan

The mission of Origins Partnership is to incubate and support ideas and projects that model and teach these revolutionary principles and solve real world problems. We will build capacity, create accountability, and develop sustainable foundations to insure greater peace, happiness and prosperity in the future.

In addition to the Project Fusion event, Origins Partnership is continuing to recruit qualified mentors to provide professional and family relationship skills education programs. We have developed our business plan and goals using  research of our target including our survey at the BCSF 2014 event. Our vision is to include that audience and then extend our outreach beyond the UC community. We have begun pilot intern projects to demonstrate capacity.  We continue to look for long term funding resources to maintain this effort into the foreseeable future. Our team will continue to develop online resources to engage our target audience.

Origins Partnership has structured itself as a 501 (C)(3) non profit organization with a board of directors and will pursue additional staffing to continue our outreach.